Ninety - Nine Livestock

About Us

As a young boy I was active in my local 4-H and F.F.A clubs. To this day I feel that other than church and its activities, these two organizations did more to aid me in my development and understanding of life and its processes than any other single influence in my life.  

Showing, judging and grooming livestock, led me into a life in agriculture of which I will never regret, for it was here I learned to become a man and take on the responsibilities of providing for and managing the welfare of animals in a professional way.

My wife Elaine and I reside on a small sheep farm in Georgia where we strive to carry on the tradition of the 4-H motto " To Make The Best Better”. We are small in number but we strive to offer quality White Dorper Sheep which will fulfill their roll in increasing the quality of White Dorper Flocks all over this country.

We are thankful to offer what we believe to be among the best White Dorper genetics in these United States, which have proven themselves over again, and stand ready to serve you as well.

Here at 90-9 Livestock we may not offer everything you are seeking, but we strive to have that "Special One" you have been looking for.

Give us a call and let us know when to expect you and we will have a glass of sweet tea waiting on the table, as you are ALWAYS welcome!

We are proud members of:

Mid South Regional

Dorper Association

Southeastern Dorpe

Sheep Association